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Starting & Disclaimer

First of all, before you do anything from this guide, all responsibility for your privacy & security depends on you. Do whatever you like, leave this guide if you don't want to learn something to protect yourself, and stay here to stay safe on the internet by browsing with the most powerful, open-source, free & customizable browser. I choose Firefox because we can tweak too many things to protect ourselves from big giant shit companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Amazon, etc.

Never give your data without your permission because it's too risky when you don't know how much data leaks your browser in daily usage. Now, to stay safe online, you need to sacrifice things. After this guide, I know your comfort level will decrease, your everyday workflow will not be maintained, but trust me, you will quickly adopt this browser. And configuration of Firefox will not give you anonymity, which you get in TOR. So you have only two ways to protect your privacy: By using TOR or by using Firefox with some extra tweaks. Finally, try something new to protect yourself from shit companies.


The most usable and privacy friendly user.js or darken.js for the Firefox browser.


Bookmarks are a convenient way when you want to visit a site quickly and safely. Safely means you don't want to give your queries to any search engines. Just click on the bookmark item, and there you go—one straightforward step to increase your privacy.

Project Mariana's bookmarks (From me) contain too many bookmark items to help you in your daily usage. I hope this will slightly increase your privacy.

Note: All the items inside the Downloads folder are not my recommendation. I make it like App/Software store for your convenience to download most of your useful software right from the bookmarks without putting your data on any search engine. Now, there are lots of links/items that are not open-source or free. That all services are listed because some of them we are using in our daily life. And I am not responsible for any of your data leaks from that links (especially when you sign up for it)—all my trustworthy recommendations of software and other stuff already listed on The Matter List. Check it out if you want to replace your shit software/services with open-source or free software/services.



Name Last Update
Firefox Unknown
user.js Unknown
bookmarks.json Unknown
UblockOrigin.txt Unknown
CookieAutoDelete.json Unknown


Assumption: You rename the downloaded file(s) according to the Name column inside the Downloads section.

  1. Download all the files and firefox browser from the given link.
  2. Open the browser and type about:profiles in the URL/Address bar.
  3. Delete all other profiles by clicking on Remove > Delete Files
  4. Now, you have only one firefox default profile named default-release which we use for configuration.
  5. Click on Open Directory inside the Root Directory section.
  6. Close the Firefox browser
  7. Delete everything inside Root Directory
  8. Copy/Cut user.js and paste into Root Directory
  9. Launch your Firefox browser
  10. Go to Settings (From top right corner) > Search > Default Search Engine (Set to DuckDuckGo)
  11. To install useful addons go to these links,
  12. Finally, to configure our add-ons, First click on the uBlock Origin extension (From the top right corner) > Settings > Restore from file… (Select UblockOrigin.txt, which I give you.)
  13. Go to uBlock Origin > Settings > Filter lists > Update Now (Click until the button color turns into grey color)
  14. Click on Cookie AutoDelete extension (From top right corner) > Settings > Import Core Settings… (Select CookieAutoDelete.json, which I give you.)
  15. Click on HTTPS Everywhere extension (From top right corner) > Encrypt All Sites Eligible is ON (Turn on)
  16. If you're on linux then delete the favicons.sqlite file located in your profile directory.
  17. Restart the firefox browser and press Ctrl+Shift+O to open bookmarks > Import and Backup > Restore > Choose File… (Select bookmarks.json, which I give you.)
  18. Done!


What is solution?

  • [Temporary Solution] - All the changes and tweaks will reset after you restart the firefox browser.
  • [Permanent Solution] - All the changes and tweaks will be permanent for your firefox profile. (Not Recommended)

Can't download files from Google Drive [Temporary Solution]

  1. Go to Preferences (From the top right corner) > Privacy & Security > Enhanced Tracking Protection > Cookies (Change option All third-party cookies to Cross-site and social media trackers)
  2. Click on Reload All Tabs

Can't play video/audio in Google Drive [Temporary Solution]

  1. Click on the ClearURLs extension and disable Filter (turn it on when you finish your work because this preference is permanent).
  2. Go to Preferences (From the top right corner) > Privacy & Security > Enhanced Tracking Protection > Cookies (Change option All third-party cookies to Cross-site and social media trackers)
  3. Click on Reload All Tabs